*Carolina She Crab Bisque     8
The Carolina classic

Fried Clam Strips               10
1/2lb, tartar sauce

*Chachos   12
Palmetto Cheese, blue crab, green onions, Pico de gallo, tortilla chips

*Classic Calamari     9
Quick fried served with chili plum glaze

Bowl O’ Puppies     6
House sweet green onion hush puppies, honey butter

*Crispy Shrimp               12
Fried shrimp with chili plum glaze

Pickle Fries                 7
Fried dill pickles served with chipotle lime aioli

Seafood Dip and Chips   10
Seafood, artichokes, 3-cheese blend, Old Bay, tortilla chips

Crispy Crab Cake Bait   13
Fried mini crab cakes, house crab slaw, rémoulade

*Denotes House Favorite


Choice of Dressing: Blue Cheese, Honey Mustard, Oil and Vinegar, Ranch, Lemon Cocktail Vinaigrette

Chilled Seafood Salad   15
Tomatoes, cucumber, lemon cocktail dressing, balsamic vinaigrette, iceberg lettuce

House Salad     7
Artisan greens, cucumber, tomato, red onion, crouton, choice of ranch or blue cheese dressing

Classic Caesar     7
Romaine, house-made dressing, parmesan, croutons

*Wedgie     8
Iceberg wedge, blue cheese, tomato, bacon, cucumbers, creamy blue cheese dressing  

   Add to any salad:
grilled chicken 7
grilled shrimp 8
seared crab cake 9
grilled salmon 10

served with choice of fries, veggies or fruit 

Chicken Fingers   7

Fish Fingers  7

Mac and Cheese  7

Grilled Fish  7

Fried Shrimp  7

PB&J  6

Fried Baskets

*Carolina Shrimp – Crispy battered                 14

Oyster – Lightly battered, select catch 15

What The Fish? (Fresh Catch)         Mkt

Any DuoYour choice of 2 seafood items     16

Fish and Chips – Crispy battered cod             14

Captain JR’s Platter – Shrimp, oysters, catch          Mkt

Clam Strips – 1/3 pound lightly breaded 13

Scallops – Crispy battered 17

Chicken Tenders – Crispy battered 12


Burger               12
2 angus beef patties, lettuce, tomato, onion, choice of American, cheddar, or blue cheese
add thick cut bacon + 2

Po Boy   13
Choice of crispy fried Carolina shrimp or gulf oysters, Remoulade-tossed lettuce, tomato

Blackened Mahi   15
Blackened, rémoulade-tossed romaine, tomato, fried onions

*Crab   15
Jumbo crab cake, crab slaw, chipotle lime aioli-tossed lettuce, tomato

*Shrimp Burger   14
100% shrimp patty, chipotle lime aioli-tossed lettuce, tomato, onion

Chicken BLT               12
Blackened chicken, cheddar cheese, spiced ranch tossed lettuce, fried onions, bacon, tomato

Fried Fish                 15
Crispy white fish, house slaw, remoulade, tomato, onion

Chilled Seafood Roll               14
Old Bay spiced seafood, lemon cocktail aioli, shredded iceberg

Fried Cod                 13
Crispy battered cod, american cheese, tartar sauce, shredded iceberg


All $4

House blend seasoned fries

Crispy red potatoes

Mixed fruit

Seasonal vegetable

House slaw

Seafood Bar

James River – Norfolk, Virginia – Mild brininess, plump meat, mild flavor
Plus a daily featured selection – Ask your server
By the dozen or ½ dozen, half shell or steamed – market price
Blue Point, James River, and a daily featured selection
By the dozen or ½ dozen, half shell or steamed

Shrimp cocktail       9
1/2 dozen chilled Carolina shrimp, house cocktail sauce

*Seafood Tower               65
3/4lb peel n eat shrimp, mixed dozen oysters, dozen shrimp cocktail, 2/3lb crab legs, dozen mussels

Steamed Peel n’ Eat             13 half lb/ 23 lb
Carolina shrimp, old bay, melted butter

*Oyster Shooters             1 for 5 / 4 for 15
House made bloody mary, local oysters, celery salt rimmed

Crab Finger Cocktail       6 for 14 / Dozen 26

Catch It

Choice of grilled or blackened. Served with herb cream sauce. vegetable of the day, and crispy red potatoes.

“WTF” Fresh Catch Mkt
Mahi mahi 22
Salmon 22
Seared Crab Cakes  24
Scallops   24
Cobia   23

“Surf It!” Add Grilled shrimp – 8
Add 2/3 lb crab legs – market – Mkt

Lunch Plates

Crab legs     1lb / 20
Canadian grade A crab, steamed, drawn butter fries

*Lowcountry Boil     18
1/2lb shrimp, corn, smoked sausage, new potatoes, cajun spice, onions

Surf Pot   26
Crab cluster, 1/2lb shrimp, ½ dozen mussels. corn, smoked sausage, new potatoes, cajun spice, onions

What The Fish? Tacos         13
Ask your server what WTF? taco! coleslaw, pico de gallo, chipotle lime aioli, seasonal fish

Crab Mac   16
Fried mini crab cakes, bacon and crab mac and cheese, crispy onions

Grilled scallops   17
Served with crispy potatoes, tartar and slaw

Blackened salmon   16
Served with crispy potatoes, tartar and slaw


*Fried PB&J     9
Sweet battered, ice cream, berry coulis, whipped cream

*Triple B – Big Bad Brownie     10
Ice cream, caramel, chocolate sauce

The Classic Key Lime Pie     8
Whipped cream, berry coulis

Peach Crumble         12
Crispy oats, vanilla ice cream, caramel