Welcome to Fish!

FISH Casual Coastal Seafood presents an exciting new dining experience on Hilton Head Island.

 One that places a premium on sourcing delicious seafood from local sources and lightly preparing it with a deep respect for regional foodways and Lowcountry culinary history. Here, our courteous and knowledgeable staff can guide you on a delectable journey of inspired seafood dishes in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere among a variety of dining and lounging areas. The experience continues among three different bars, with live entertainment providing the perfect spot for an after-dinner cocktail.
Hilton Head Seafood Restaurant


FISH is proud to carry on a tradition of hospitality nurtured by Coligny Plaza for the last 65 years.

We are part of Hilton Head Island’s downtown, a gathering of the finest shops and activities right in the heart of the bustling Coligny district. As part of this iconic Hilton Head Island center, we recognize our role in providing the finest guest experience on Hilton Head Island and welcome the opportunity to carry on this tradition.